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What It Takes to Operate in the Supernatural Realm

One interesting benefit of becoming a child of God is geining access into the realm of the ultimate power.
This power is compulsory for every Christian because of what it stands to accomplish and demolish in such life.

It is David Oyedepo who often say, “Life is warfare and not fanfare. Life is a season and when you miss your season, you loose your harvest. Nothing about life is magical but practical.
God’s power is tapped in the supernatural realm to enable his people erupt into another realm of greatness, holiness and righteousness.

What You Need to Operate in the Supernatural Realm

a.                 Consciousness of Your Root

It takes the consciousness of your roots to manifest your fruits. When you don’t know your roots, you’ve already lost your fruits. The fundamental discovery and understanding of your roots guarantees your fruits. You never find a tree bearing fruit without a root. You can’t manifest in the supernatural realm without an understanding of your supernatural roots.
The root of every child of God is in the spiritual realm. You are a spirit being although you put on the physical body. Read John 4:24; 3:3-6.

Every child of God undergoes two types of birth-physical and spiritual. Our parents give birth to us through physical process while we undergo the Spirit birth when we surrender to be born again through the water of baptism. Jesus confirmed this reality when he said, “that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

Until you come to terms with your divine status, you will be operating only in the flesh because you cannot connect to the realm of the Spirit.
Once you become born by the Spirit of God, you receive the power of supernatural command and access to the blessings in heavenly places.
You must have the consciousness of your divine superiority.
Every child of God operates from above and is above all including the devil and demons-1 Peter 5:8.
You possess commands, power and authority that intimidate the devil, demons and negative energy. You are not just a member of the Church but of a Spirit family. You cannot be limited like every other human being.

b.                 Trace Your Supernatural Root

It is the consciousness of where you stand that determines what you can dare. You are always careful when you are standing on a faulty foundation. There are things you can’t dare with the power of the flesh. There rivers and seas you can’t cross and powers you can’t dare.
The sons of Sceva understood this reality when they tried to cast out demon in the possessed person with the Name of Jesus Christ. They were attacked and heavily injured because the demon couldn’t see the power of God in them. It is only when you trace your supernatural root that you turn issues of concern in your life to issues of command.

c.                 You must have the mind of Christ

The mind of Christ is the Word of God. Inside the mind of God lies the creative forces of heaven. See Genesis 41:38. It is the centre of supernatural creativity. You don’t have a natural mind but a supernatural mind. The day you surrendered to the Spirit birth was the day God transformed your mind from carnality to spirituality-Romans 12:1-2.
God’s Word must be part of you for you to operate in the realm of the Spirit. Notice that Jesus overcame the devil with just the Word of God-“It is written.” You need to discover specific Word commands for specific circumstances and needs. You need the right bullet for the right target.

d.                Recognize that You carry a Supernatural Presence

Living a hypocritical life is an enemy of the Spirit realm. You are not a child of God when you are in the church and a child of the devil when you in the world. The power of God is not seasonal but continuous. It follows you wherever you go because there is a constant battle over your life even when you are sleeping. It takes the man of the Spirit to understand these principles.
Whenever God lives you, you become hollow and unproductive. David overcame Saul because God was with him. The same is true for Joseph and Jesus Christ-Acts 10:38, Matthew 28:20.
Exercise your power at all times. Don’t ask God to do what he has given you power to do. Avoid acts that will quash God’s power in you.

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