Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goals, Objectives and Commitment of Nations University


The Mission of NationsUniversity is to build faith and train Christian leaders around the world through affordable, accessible higher education using distance learning. 


To build faith
 - by focusing on both knowledge of biblical text and personal spiritual formation

To train Christian leaders
 - by equipping students with the knowledge and skills to serve as Christian leaders

To portray biblical Scriptures in a positive manner
 - by engaging students in biblical study without coercion to interpretation and application

To embrace a cosmopolitan audience in a global setting
 - by providing degree programs and student services that meet the needs of a diverse population

To build and maintain an educational program that is global in scope and suitable for global instruction

 - by building a curriculum free of Americanisms, biases, ineffective illustrations, and offensive language

To offer an open system for seekers without barriers to exploration
 - by allowing students of all religious orientations to participate in NationsUniversity courses
 - by structuring courses that unbelievers and believers may gain theological understanding

To protect the students’ security
 - by abiding by United States student privacy laws
 - by protecting students from harassment and privacy intrusions

To function in keeping with the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ

 - by establishing and administering policies in a fair and equitable manner
 - by selecting NationsUniversity personnel who are committed to a Christian lifestyle.

To maintain a level of instruction that is at a post-secondary level
 - by using highly trained personnel in course development

To be academically respectable and theologically credible
 - by exposing students to multiple sides of issues and critical thought
 - by providing courses that reflect standard offerings in accredited institutions

To conduct the business of the institution in the most efficient means
 - by utilizing trained professionals and volunteers
 - by utilizing cost-effective technology

To provide programs that students can afford
  - by recognizing that economically-deprived students should have equal opportunity to learn
  - by providing free courses to incarcerated and non-U.S. students
  - by requiring only a $100 annual administrative fee for US students
  - by providing many courses that do not require a textbook, thus saving students an additional expense

To provide programs that students can access
  - by delivering course materials via the Internet
  - by serving prison students via postal mail

To encourage student progress
  - by building meaningful relationships with students through various media

To translate select courses into foreign languages
  - by offering a limited number of online courses in popular languages
  - by providing foreign language advisors

NationsUniversity is committed to fulfill its mission through quality distance education programs.  The mission calls for a solid educational foundation.  Building faith is not an emotional experience; it is an educational endeavor, built upon knowledge and understanding.  Developing Christian leaders is likewise a calculated enterprise, constructed on knowledge and sound principles.  For a proper foundation to be laid, a serious, high level, and objective presentation of the Christian faith and its rationale are essential.  Therefore, the institution is committed to engage each student in a rigorous confrontation with the biblical text, hermeneutical techniques, alternate worldviews, and historic interpretations. 
 NationsUniversity® is a distance learning (online) institution offering tuition-free Christian education and does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, national origin, sex, disability, or age in the administration of admissions policies or employment.

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